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Only, members of the European Parliament, whose term of office has ended and who are interested in joining the Association, may apply to become a member of the FMA.

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By joining the FMA, you agree that the Association will collect and save your personal data and include it in the FMA Directory with the aim of improving your interactions with other FMA members.

You also authorize the FMA to communicate regularly with you to allow you to meet other FMA members, to send you the FMA Bulletins and newsletters, to inform you about the activities and programmes on parliamentary democracy carried out by the FMA and to spread information about the European Union functioning.

According to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of 2018 concerning personal data protection, the FMA undertakes not to disclose, transmit or share your personal data with other entities, companies or organisations. The FMA may share data on the experience and expertise of its members with the European Parliament or the OSCE (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe) / ODHIR (Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights) to involve them in democracy support and election observation activities.

In accordance with the provisions on image rights, you authorize the FMA to use your image and to fix, reproduce and communicate to the public the photographs and any videos taken during FMA events, visits and programmes as part of its publications.

If any banking details are provided to the FMA for reimbursements related to the member’s participation in one of the activities of the Association, they will be deleted after the reimbursement has been made.

To know and exercise your rights, including the withdrawal of consent to the use of your data collected by this form, you can send an email to this address: